The truth about health

To renew and revive your health as a whole is not the result of any vaccine, medication, or any single thing. To achieve the health we were meant to have is rather the result of a choice- an act of will that one must very purposefully make. To pursue a path of living, eating and being- naturally, a goal which is very unnatural to the world around us today.

To achieve true healthiness is a hard thing, an objective that one must strive for with heart and purpose, and a journey one must continue on each day, making the right choices of various magnitudes that add up to a state of being one can call healthiness.

One must daily make the choices to restrain from indulgences, to avoid toxic food additives, to boycott deadly foods and the establishments that serve them, to reject vaccination and unnecessary medications for their plethoras of extremely harmful and even deadly ingredients and side effects. MSG, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, etc- they do us in!

But not only must we avoid the bad, we must replace it with good. Humans need exercise, fresh air- time away from recycled air, artificial lighting, etc. We should consume raw and organic foods and properly filtered/spring water in lieu of processed foods and sugary, acidic drinks that wear away at teeth, bones, and the stomach lining. Our bodies need nutrients- get good vitamin supplements and minerals. (Especially vitamin C!)

The journey to true health, of both body and mind, is increasingly harder these days, but it is attainable. The key is to thoroughly educate yourself from independent sources, and use the information you gain to guide you as you make the daily decisions that determine how well your body will operate, and how long it may live. Don't become another profit cow for the pharmaceutical complex. Be the healthy human being you're designed to be!

You are what you eat, drink, ingest, rub on yourself, inhale or inject. You are what you do, and most of all, you are what you make of yourself, (or what you allow to be made of you.)

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